Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

A hard disk drive is a kind of data storage contrivance utilized in a computer and laptop to store all your data inside it. This drive utilizes magnetic storage to store and retrieve the digital data utilized by the computer. A person sitting with a computer system can access any desultory data with the avail of Hard Disk Drive. These storages are non-volatile storage, it signifies data is still present when the potency is turned off. Every company has commenced utilizing HDD for their purport and each employee has their data stored in HDD.

Solid-State Drive (SSD)

As the designation verbalize that data are stored at a solid-state. It is additionally kenned as Solid State Contrivance or Solid State Disk. The data inside an SSD are stored in semiconductor cells and retrieves digital information utilizing electronic circuits. There is no utilization of mechanical components with SSD. It has sundry types of form factors, size, storage of variants of computer systems.

So MainVPS will reveal the reason why we should choose SSD over HDD and how this will avail to store your website data or cloud data on servers.

1.Access Time

If we verbalize about HDD, it takes 5K -10K microseconds to access data. Whereas SSD has 35- 100 microseconds. So, the haste of SSD is quite high as HDD, which betokens the program can run more expeditiously and you can access any data stored in any component of the storage.


The price of HDD is quite frugal as compared to SSD. It signifies the prices of SSD is higher and computer having SSD can additionally have more HDD for storage.


The HDD has its moving part and it is facilely transferrable from one location to another and SSD does not have its moving part. SSD uses flash recollection for storage and provides better performance and dependability as compared to HDD.


We can affix as many external HDD inside the CPU and this HDD is quantified in terabytes that are available at an efficacious rate. Where SSD can additionally be quantified in Terabytes but most people can’t afford it due to the price as it is beyond the range of mundane people.

5. Energy and Power

The SSD utilizes less power betokens low energy is utilized such as Laptops. HDD consists of rotating platters coated with magnetic material. The platters are paired with magnetic heads with an actuator arm that read and inscribe data to the platter surfaces. Due to this reason, HDD utilizes more power than SSD.


HDD engender a sizzling sound because of the component like spinning the platters and moving the read/inscribe heads. So sometimes it engenders the loudest voice on your computer and in SSD no moving components are running in SSD so it does not engender any noise.


Virtually all HDDs are on 3.5 and 2.5 sizes for desktop and laptops. The size of SSD is available in 2.5, 1.8, 1.0 in a desktop version and a server.


When the moving part commences running in HDD it engenders heat that can gradually damage electronics components over time. If we compare with SSD, it does not have any moving components due to which it engenders less heat that will avail to increment lifespan and reliability.

So for any website development or cloud data, there is a sizably voluminous magnitude of data stored on the server. It is recommended that SSD will be more felicitous then HDD because HDD can store the data which is stored in a CPU whereas the data that is present on the web or server, it can be stored in SSD. MainVPS made a clear concept behind SSD and HDD. At last, if you have doubts or queries, do let us know.