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Web Hosting Features

Web Hosting is a service that allows individuals/organizations/businesses to publish their websites on the Internet. All these websites are stored and hosted with the help of servers. MainVPS is the best web hosting, India that provides data center space on the server so that the website can interconnect to a server. Once the website is hosted, it allows people to access and view your website with the help of the domain name. The hosting refers to a physical location that allows storing data such as images, photos, videos, content, relevant information, and other kinds of stuff on the server.

Plan and Pricing

Main VPS Provider offers broad line of Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers, from entry level to the most advanced and latest high performance servers. Host your website on fastest server with premium bandwidth from top Data Centers.


Only $ 0.99 monthly


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Only $ 9.99 monthly

How does Web Hosting work?

The working of Web Hosting is very simple. Web Hosting includes the services and technologies to host websites on the Internet. Once the MainVPS hosts your website, viewers can easily access it by simply typing the domain name of your website. When you enter this, the computer directly connects to the server where your website is hosted and in return, you will receive the page of what you want to access. The storage depends on the plan purchased for a website. Once you fix the plan, the team will also help you to have a complete solution for cPanel.

What kind of Web Hosting do I need?

The right answer to this question is dependent according to your website, requirement and one and the foremost is budget. If it is a startup then it is recommended to go with shared hosting. If you don’t want to share the hosting by multiple people then it is better to go with VPS hosting or a dedicated server. MainVPS has given an open opportunity to those who are looking out to upgrade the plans once your website starts getting more traffic and resources.

Web Hosting Features

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The server will be instantly activated and deploy to your registered mail address with all login details after the payment verification.

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MainVPS Provider provide you RDNS (PTR Record) on Every IPv4 Address you can simply update it from SolusVM Portal or Open a ticket from the Client Area.

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Every Windows Virtual Private server have 1 Free Dedicated IPv4 Address, If you need more IPv4 Addresses choose from Addons or open a support ticket in the Client Area.

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You can choose Windows Template and Install OS as per your Requirements in SolusVM Panel, we have Windows Server 2008 and 2012 Trail for Windows VPS.

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Every Windows Virtual private Servers have full Administrator access and you have all privileges to access/delete/modify all things on your server.

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We Provide you SolusVM Panel for manage the Virtual Private servers, you can install/reboot/troubleshoot your VPS yourself anytime.

Need a Different Web Hosting Package ?

Don’t see a Web Hosting Package that fits your specific needs? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We offer a wide range of solutions bound to meet your requirements on cPanel Web Hostings. Just Email Us