WordPress is one of the most simple and popular ways to engender a website or a blog. WordPress software is reliable and simple to utilize. You can easily modify and no high charges are utilizing the software. You can easily manage the consequential aspect like the block content. WordPress can be utilized by a non-technical person and Technical person. Those websites that are developed under WordPress are accessible in public. There are many categories of the website such as

1. E-commerce website

2. Business website

3. Blogging website

4. Portfolios

5. Building up your curriculum vitae

6. Membership site

So these are the categories of websites but if we verbalize about who is the one uses WordPress. So WordPress is mostly utilized by an individual as a businessman for a company organization.

Why is WordPress becoming the most prior option?

If we verbalize about the total website available on Google there are approximately 37.6% a website that is made by WordPress. Among them are White House and Microsoft.

The distinction between wordpress.com and wordpress.org is most popular if we verbalize about WordPress. So, let’s understand the difference in a simple manner.

– WordPress.org is often known as a self-hosted WordPress that is free open source and anyone can install the WordPress software on your web hosting.

– WordPress.com is paid accommodation. It is additionally simple to utilize.

People often get discombobulated when we ask for WordPress. They conventionally denote that WordPress is self-hosted. But self-hosted is only for those websites if you go for wordpress.org.

If you want to host your website with self-hosting, then you have to purchase the web hosting and a domain designation.

Now the question arises as to why you should utilize WordPress?

1. WordPress provides a free and open-source

This is one of the most sizably voluminous advantages of WordPress that it provides free and open-source software to the individual and organization. All you require is to pay and amount for hosting. WordPress additionally provides an open-source plugin so that you can transmute accordingly. You can customize on your way like what should be your dashboard, want the best themes for your blog, you can do the formatting.

Doing this at last the blog website looks stunning.

2. No technical person is required to develop a website

This is salutary for those people who are non-technical and they can facilely develop a website utilizing the plugins that are available in WordPress. You require not to have to hire technical people to develop your website or to do a programming language. WordPress itself has an embedded programming language behind it. You don’t have to make any vicissitudes in coding. You just have to focus to set the desired themes and utilize the required plugins searches for contact us form or if you are engendering an online E-commerce website which is so facile to handle.

You will become shocked after knowing that there is a 50,000 free WordPress plugin with 5000 free WordPress themes available on WordPress.

3. Facile installation of WordPress

Let’s come to the genuine process of how to install WordPress. You require to come across a few steps by clicking a few buttons and you can get your WordPress install on your desktop or laptop. Desktop.

•    Highly compatible with WordPress

•    Enhances the performance of WP websites.

•    Automatic WordPress updates to keep you au courant all the time.

•    Cloud-predicated hosting infrastructure that provides a high caliber of scalability.

•    Automated backups utilizing CodeGuard.

•    Daily malware scanning and security with SiteLock.

•    Pre-installed plugins that make your job more facile

•    Managed accommodations that take-up WordPress maintenance.


So, these are the benefits of WordPress. If you want to you more information about WordPress hosting, then MainVPS is there to avail of all types of information needed. As it is known for the best hosting and domain provider for websites.