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What is a VPS, and what is it used for?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server or it can be said as Virtual Dedicated Server. VPS has its OS (Operating System) as a virtual machine that is sold by hosting services providers. It is a server that is used to host your website on the cloud and also to upgrade from shared hosting, web hosting, and custom applications. You Can also use VPS for Storage, Web Applications, DNS Servers etc.

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Can I host several websites on a VPS?

Yes, of course, you can have multiple websites on a single VPS. It is possible by getting an admin panel. For example, cPanel plays the main role in publishing websites, managing domains, creating email accounts, and many more. You can also add new websites by configuring them to the web server in the right procedure. This will also reduce the hosting cost. MainVPS comes up with various upgraded solutions.

What are the advantages of VPS as compared to dedicated servers?

The advantages of VPS as compared to the dedicated server are as follows: 1.Several VPS can be created on a dedicated server that means multiple administrator accounts can be created on a physical server depending upon the requirement. 2.You can get affordable Virtual Private Servers as compared to a Dedicated Server because in Virtual Private Servers the cost of hardware is distributed to every Virtual Private Server depending on Resources. 3.The Virtual Private Servers are more scalable as compare to Dedicated Servers, also resource upgrade/change cost and setup Time is high in Dedicated Servers. 4. Virtual Private Servers will offer full root access to CPU, RAM, SSD/HDD, Bandwidth, and Network. We also Provide Control Panel (SolusVM Client Panel) for Manage The VPS.

Why should I choose Virtual Private Servers from Mainvps?

If you are looking out to purchase Virtual Private Servers for your needs, then you should go for MainVPS as it is one of the Best Virtual Private Servers Providers in The World. We offer the basic and advance support for Operating System, Booting, and Networking. MainVPS comes with 3 types of virtualization technologies:


1. MainVPS offers additional IPs with Virtual Private Servers.

2. Every Virtual Private Servers comes with 1 free Dedicated IPv4 Address.

3. MainVPS offers a Control Panel where clients can Reinstall, Reboot, and Manage the VPS.

4.The team will assist you with an instant setup, complete basic of cPanel, and how to resolve
other issues.

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Virtual private server Features

instant setup

The server will be instantly activated and deploy to your registered mail address with all login details after the payment verification.


Every Windows Virtual Private server have 1 Free Dedicated IPv4 Address, If you need more IPv4 Addresses simply choose from Addons or open a support ticket in the Client Area.

administrator access

Every Windows Virtual private Servers have full Administrator access and you have all privileges to access/delete/modify all things on your server.


MainVPS Provider provide you RDNS (PTR Record) on Every IPv4 Address you can simply update it from SolusVM Portal or Open a ticket from the Client Area.

Multiple OS choice

You can choose Windows Template and Install OS as per your Requirements in SolusVM Panel, we have Windows Server 2008 and 2012 Trail for Windows VPS.

Easy To use Panel

We Provide you SolusVM Panel for manage the Virtual Private servers, you can install/reboot/troubleshoot your VPS yourself anytime.