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USA location, we maintain a dedicated server room. This server room is situated within the Telecom Center building in Los Angeles. Covering an area suitable for our needs, it provides a secure environment for housing our servers. A bandwidth capacity exceeding 250 gigabits/second, we offer our clients a high-speed network with virtually unlimited scalability to meet their business requirements.


Germany location as well, we operate a dedicated server room. Geographically situated in Eygelshoven, between the two largest nodes worldwide, DE-CIX and AMS-IX, our network benefits significantly from this strategic location. The server room operates within the SkyLink data center, built to adhere to the stringent Tier-3 standard, ensuring maximum reliability and security.


Similarly, Turkey location, we utilize a dedicated server room. Located in Bursa, the server room adheres to stringent data security and process management standards. Operating for over seven years, the facility provides fast and trouble-free access to the internet network for our customers. We prioritize energy efficiency, efficient air conditioning, and robust infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and reliability.