It seems that you have finally decided to launch a website with a good web hosting provider. All these websites are hosted on the server, it is those powerful pieces of hardware equipment that house the website and their data ( photos, videos, graphics, information, audio).

Every data that is uploaded on a website is stored on a server. These servers are located in a different data center and it is run by various hosting companies. We accept that you are in a search to find the hosting provider with the best suitable resources available from the company. MainVPS is going to discuss the top 3 factors that can help you in choosing a good web hosting provider by knowing well-known information. Let discuss one by one

1. What Kind of Hosting Do You Need?

You must be questioning which hosting should be good for the website. As there are multiple web hosting like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Before going ahead with any of them you should know, what are the main functions of these hosting. After knowing properly you can decide which one to select.

-Shared Hosting

If your website is quite small, simple, and basic then you can go for Shared Hosting as it is cost-effective and your resources have been shared with other websites. All these websites are integrated on a single server and your website will be one among them. That is a reason why the cost is low. You will have a limited amount of resources. Shared Hosting is beneficial for people like startups, small business owners as they can focus on their business.

-VPS Hosting

Here the main server is split into multiple virtual servers and these virtual servers can be customized by the individual website. If you want to have your website with dedicated resources then they can go ahead with VPS. It will have a faster loading time and higher uptime. This server is beneficial for small, medium-sized businesses and for the ones who have large files like video, images uploaded on the server.

-WordPress Hosting

If you are extremely looking for hosting to get it optimized then WordPress Hosting is a good option as it has pre-installed and one-click installation

-Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting means that you will have a fully dedicated server for your entire website and you are the real owner of it. That’s the reason the cost is quite expensive. The hosting comes with additional benefits and performances. Here you will have an advantage as you won’t be sharing any resources with others. It is reliable for enterprise-level website

-Cloud Hosting

This is the hybrid version of VPS Hosting. People will get confused after knowing this and it seems that both are of the same type but it is not. Cloud Hosting comes with multiple remote servers. If one server gets problematic then it’s the responsibility of another server to take up the slack. It is for medium and large business website who wants to speed the loading times

2. SSL Security or No Security?

This is one of the top factors to be kept in mind. If you want your website to be a trusted website for an audience then what you have to do is to purchase SSL certificates that create a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection.

If the visitor sees that your website is secure then they can access it properly. All is because of the key pair that is a public and private key. The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) sends the SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer ) that contains both the keys. So, a website should have SSL security because your website may get hacked by a hacker or malicious users if your site is not protected/ or haven’t purchased SSL Security .

3. What Resources Do You Need?

There are several resources provided by the companies but among them the essential resources kept in mind are

Performance – The server should process the data at a faster speed

SSD (Solid State Drive) / HDD ( Hard Disk Drive )- The server has common storage. It doesn’t matter what kind of hosting you are purchasing

Bandwidth – Is it the rate at which the server can transfer the data and how quickly the content gets to display.

CPU – It handles all the requests and carries out to make a website visible to visitors. CPU (Central Processing Units) come up with VPS or Dedicated Server

RAM – It helps to process multiple requests at a time

Some other resources that are provided by MainVPS are Email Hosting-creating and managing email accounts, Limited Disk Space, FTP Server, database, DNS zones and subdomains.

Control Panel – You can purchase Control Panel additionally if it is not included in an offer. It manages all aspects of hosting services. It works out within a few minutes if you have a complex system or server migration. The most popular come are cPanel and Plesk


MainVPS, the best hosting service provider in Central India have discussed the top major points that should be kept in mind while selecting a hosting provider for your website. Read this blog properly and if you find any difficulty in purchasing then do let us know.

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