In this era where the businesses are covering the extreme point, URL hijacking is one of the most sturdy issues that is coming forward in nowadays, whether it is a Startup or a renowned organization, everyone is having their website depending according to their services, data, and customer.

More than unlike, the website is hosted daily on various servers, but the main important perspective is security. URL hijacking is the famous expedition to break down the security of the website by changing the URL of the original website, implicating and dragging the visitors from the original website to another hacked website that has not been searched by that person.

In URL hijacking the original URL is being converted to another URL i.e. Original URL is hidden and the person is pulled down to another website. So, to protect this kind of URL hijacking issues cybersecurity experts have hired that act as a savior to our website.

All the problems related to URL hijacking can be seen particularly on those kinds of websites that do not have SSL certification so this is the first problem to get into the URL hijacking. This technique is done to reduce the traffic which comes to our website to transfer your traffic to another website which is not the information you are looking about.

So we can say that your URL hijacking is a process in which the URL has been removed from the search Indian index and replaced by another URL, in this way the ranking has also been abolished and there are plenty of visitors to drop day by day.

Main VPS is there to help you out with the following points that should be kept in mind while hosting a website and preventing it from URL hijacking:

1.    It is recommended to use a website firewall to protect your URL not to be redirected to another URL. This will protect you all URLs and if someone tries to replace your URL with another URL, it will act as a barrier between them.

2.   It’s not suggested to connect your machine with the public LAN or Wi-Fi with a mysterious password, and your privacy creates a good source of URL conversion. People are unaware of these kinds of problems that can directly attack our machine, PC with public Wi-Fi.

3.  There is a lot of software and plugins available online like websites that dance with all kinds of Malware worms and other defective threads which may affect your website that has been hosted on a server.

4.  Another point to keep in mind is live software as it should be up to date because hackers mainly attack those systems which have not been updated.

5.   Google is providing its feature to secure your URL and your website to stop an unwanted redirection of your URL to another URL.


This is some information that should be aware of those people who are running their website. Besides hosting and domain there are various other services needed for a website to protect and keep it safe.