What is Email Forwarding and why it’s useful to organization.

How to Setup Email Forwarding in cPanel

Email Forwarding is one of the most common features of any organisation. It generally refers to the operation of resending an email message delivered to one address to possibly different email addresses. It is a process that occurs after a subscriber receives an email and selects the forwarded option within their email client in order to send the mail to another recipient. In simpler language, Email Forwarding means that the email came directly from the subscriber who originally received the email from an email service.

In a forwarded email, the header indicates the email came directly from the subscriber who originally received the email, through their email service. This kind of forwarded mail is completely different from Forward to a Friend (FTAF) because their email comes from the original subscriber but the header indicates the email was sent from the sender’s actual email platform.

Why it is Important?

Running a business is fun but not an easy nut to crack. It requires a lot of time, effort, hard work, resources and money to survive in this competitive market. But in the era of digital world if you can put a little effort while doing brain storming then you can find lots of possibilities which will lead your business to another level and Email Forwarding is one of that.
It helps a business in numerous way to succeed. For instance:

  1.  Email Forwarding services helps any home based business to keep their address private as their customers, clients, partners or investors will be able to send the business mail to their corporate address.
  2. Email Forwarding creates a more professional email address with the domain name which can be forwarded to more personalized email addresses. E.g. – info@yourdomain.com
  3. Through Email Forwarding services you can set up multiple email-forwards that will allow you to combine email addresses in one mailbox instead of checking multiple accounts.
  4. With email forwarding service, you never need to use another email account because you can set your email forwarding to redirect to name@gmail.com or name@outlook.com and you can keep receiving mails where you want.
  5. Email Forwarding service helps businesses to build their company’s integrity and improve the customer experience.

For Setup Email Forwarding in cPanel watch our YouTube video : How to Setup Email Forwarding in cPanel