What is a DDoS Attack and how it can be prevented

If you observe that your website suddenly goes offline due to a load of traffic, then it can reflect a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. These attacks are increasing day by day and can take you to disastrous conditions where they will affect both your company image and brand reputation.

The DDoS attack is a process of sending the bulk of traffic by a hacker to a network and site server so as to disrupt the operation of the system. This will last for days or times. The word Distributed used with Denial-of-Service is because there comes thousands of unauthentic traffic from several millions of computers that are located in various remote areas and all use malware to launch attacks. These are known as Zombies.

The purpose discussed by MainVPS is for the sake of new entrepreneurs who are setting up their new businesses and developing new websites. They should know what attacks are present in the site server and how to prevent them. There are various kinds of attacks, they are-

1. Protocol Attacks

2. Volumetric Attacks

3. Application Layer Attacks

How to prevent DDoS Attack

Taking preventive measures is not so hard rather just follow the rules to prevent it before attacking

1. Continuously Monitor the traffic early in the morning

When you are monitoring the traffic, you must be well versed with the low volume traffic, medium volume traffic, and high volume traffic. You can also put the limit on the receiving traffic. The team who are dedicatedly working to generate authentic traffic by running a campaign, marketing on social media, must be knowing when the traffic should increase or decrease. It can help you to identify suspicious traffic generation.

2. Increase your bandwidth according to the requirement

When you have purchased the server, you must be knowing the capacity depending on the receiving traffic. So you can easily set the bandwidth level and you can observe the attacks beforehand.

3. Utilizing Content Distribution Network

Many websites contain content data on the same server. But if you want to prevent these attacks then it is recommended to store your content on different networks. Storing your data on several networks can help you to protect your site. From the perspective of the DDoS attack, the hackers attempting an attack on several sites will be less than an attack on one single hosted server site.

4. Develop a proper prevention plan for DDoS

There may be a small company or large business that requires simple or complex infrastructure, small and big teams working to prevent DDoS Planning. People must be aware and well prepared in advance before DDoS hits your website. There are some responsibilities that are taken into consideration.

  • Do check your systems assessments, tools, and security
  • Enable notification so that the entire team must know within a time period.
  • Prepare the list of internal and external contacts like customers, cloud service, and vendors

5. Secure and Protect the internetworking infrastructure

There are some useful tools that can help your systems and site like firewalls, VPN, Anti-spam, load balancing. All these can help in blocking the attacks. As the site is uploaded on the server so you access the advanced mitigation and protection resources which are useful for small, medium, and large numbers of businesses. Always keep your software updated with a new version that can help to shut down the doors where hackers are welcomed.


DDoS Attacks are really creating a massive problem but they can be minimized by following the proper procedure mentioned above. Always protect your site from DDoS attacks. 

If you encounter any problem regarding this attack, take immediate action and information to your support team. The entire team of MainVPS is there to help you in this situation.