What are Web Hosting add-ons? How to use them for improving the performance of your Website

There are millions of websites available on the Internet that have grabbed several customers for their brands and revenue. Among them, if you are one of the website owners handling business on an online platform where you have to handle your customers and have to make a presence on various social media.

You have to be fully prepared to fight these competitors, otherwise, it can affect your site traffic and it will degrade your conversion rate. How to compensate for all these problems? There is one solution to maintain all your presence and that is none other than Web Hosting add-ons.

MainVPS is there to discuss this topic as it is very essential for every website owner. So let’s start—

1. Use of Malware Scanners

As you must have heard this word usually when we are working on the internet. Malware is nothing but a virus that gets distributed all around and it easily gets accessible on your mail, drives, and software.

Nowadays this malware is also affecting websites and it can also delete your important data from your site. To get rid of this virus there is something called “Antivirus”.

This antivirus can detect your software and can also fix the bugs but for the website, Malware Scanners are mostly used by Web Hosting Providers that can detect malicious data and can help to fix it. It scans according to the fixed time intervals and will send complete notifications if any issues are present.

2. Use of SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are also one of the important Add-ons of Web Hosting. It tells you whether the site in which you are working is secure or not. If a website does not have an SSL Certificate then you can view your website with the help of the site address.

It is highly recommended for all the Website owners that if you are handling your website then it’s a responsibility to protect it. There are various types of SSL Certificates -EV SSL, WildCard SSL, Essential SSL, and Positive SSL.

3. Use of Content Delivery Network Services

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a group of servers that are geographically distributed all around the world. It helps you to get maximum traffic and this will help to deliver the content in the form of audio, videos, graphics, files, and documents to the users, & customers visiting our website. CDN will fetch these data from the nearest data center to the person who is accessing your website.

4. Use of SSD Hosting

SSD or Solid State Drive Hosting is an up-gradation of Web Hosting Add-ons. We can compare HDD to SSD but the difference is that HDD is movable, you can read and write on the devices for storing information and data whereas SDD does not contain any movable information rather all types of information are presented in the form of electronic way. Hence SSD is faster than HDD.


A website is completed when it has fulfilled these add-ons. It gives you more security to keep your website away from attackers. It is better recommended to choose the best Web-Hosting Plan that gives you more benefits to protect your website.

You are free to select any of these Add-ons and apply for your website. Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you have understood it more clearly.