When a website gets developed there is two most important process without which a website cannot live alive. The most important terms are Domain and Hosting. So, this blog will help you get to know the basic definition and difference between both, functionality of these two terms, why is it important for a website? What kinds of domain and hosting are available? Let’s understand one by one:

What is Domain

It is an address of a website that people types/ search with the help of a browser. Behind the domain, there comes an IP address that is assigned by each computer with the network. Now the reason why IP address is replaced by domain, it is because there are multiple IP addresses of several search volume would be a bit difficult to learn by each people as there are millions and millions of search outcomes, people can’t remember every IP address, as Domain is reliable for all.

How does Domain work?

Whenever people enter the domain name in the web browser. It sends a request to a global network of servers that create DNS(Domain Name System). Servers match the domain name and revert us back. For example www.mainvps.net Here the servers are managed by the hosting company. When the hosting company allows your request for a domain then the company who is working with their system is called a Web Server.

How Domain Names is categorized

There are different types of extensions available such as

– .com

– .org

– .net

– .tv

– .info

– .io

Let’s discuss the types of Domain Names

1.Top-Level Domain (TLD) – the domain that is listed at the top level priority in the domain name system. The most popular ones are .com, .org, .net

2. Country Code Top -level Domain (cc TLD)- This Top Level Domain is a country-specific domain that ends with their country code extension like –

.uk – United Kingdom

.de- Germany

.in- India

3. Sponsored Top-Level Domain (s TLD) – the domain that represents according to the specific community served to the people of society.

How Domain get set for a Website?

As there are many millions and millions of domain names with multiple websites. There comes a problem of a new website, how new users can generate the website name with the domain. Here are some steps that will help you to choose a better domain for your website which will be most suitable-

Always choose a domain that is popular and is easily accessible to all.

Domain should not be lengthy.

It should be easy to remember

Try not to use hyphens or numeric character

How you can purchase Domain

You can easily buy domain names from registrars. Everyone should be clear that purchasing a domain doesn’t give you hosting service. For hosting service there are some procedures that each one should be aware of. So, let’s discuss Hosting.

What is Hosting

This is simply a service for each company and individual to set a website in a browser. A web hosting service provider offers the technologies and services that are required for the website.

How the hosting works

There are special computers that store these websites pages and they help the user to access whenever they receive a command and those computers are connected to their server. There is various hosting space that the one can buy from some hostWeb Hosting transfers your local files to a remote server and configures the database while importing the local database into the hosting server database. Whenever the person types the domain name on the computer, the computer automatically connects to the server to which the website is hosted. The server sends you files or a web page of what you are searching for?

How many Hosting are available

Four types of web hosting are described below

1. Shared Hosting – this type of hosting is available for those who have started their business from the beginning as this type of hosting is affordable. What is the reason behind it? It is because the space that is created with shared hosting and shared some spaces to other websites and the result is that there is a various website available on the same server.

2. WordPress Hosting – If your website is developed in WordPress then it’s better to have WordPress hosting. This will help to optimize your website.

3. Dedicated Hosting – This will give you complete administrative control of your server with full root access. If you want to install any software you are welcome.

4. VPS Hosting – This hosting is a stronger and more advanced form of shared hosting. Here you cannot afford a dedicated server. A VPS runs its facsimile of an operating system and customers may have super user-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install virtually any software that runs on that OS. For many purposes they are functionally identically tantamount to a dedicated physical server and being software-defined, can be much more facilely engendered and configured.


So, this was all about Domain and Hosting. This is very important for all the individuals and the one who has its website. He must be very clear about what is Domain and Hosting, how it is configured, and what how to purchase?