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What is a DDoS Attack and how it can be prevented

If you observe that your website suddenly goes offline due to a load of traffic, then it can reflect a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. These attacks are increasing day by day and can take you to the disastrous condition where it will affect both your company image and brand reputation. The DDoS attack is a […]

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5 Reasons You Might Think of Investing in Dedicating Hosting

Hosting plays a vital role when we launch our website to the server. We must think twice while choosing any hosting plan. It can be for any website owner who wants to host their website on the server. There can be several reasons behind the hosting provider concerning performance and security. If you will run […]

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What is URL Hijacking?

In this era where the businesses are covering the extreme point, URL hijacking is one of the most sturdy issues that is coming forward in nowadays, whether it is a Startup or a renowned organization, everyone is having their website depending according to their services, data, and customer. More than unlike, the website is hosted […]

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10 ways to make your blog post more creative and exciting

A blog is something that has been used by every website and application whether it may be from any industry. It is a great platform where you can explore your ideas, discovery, thinking, innovation, and contribution to society. Where people are gathered together to access and read your content according to an update. But yes […]

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How to Set Up a Reseller Hosting Business

There are several industries of web hosting that are tremendously increasing year by year. The people who are getting experience in these kinds of fields are providing various kinds of hosting and helping new businesses with web hosting and domain. This can help them to set up their website at the initial level. It is […]

Why does the location of your web hosting server matter?

Why does the location of your web hosting server matter?

There is a lot of competition in today’s world of technology, people have their website and they are running a lot of businesses on Google. Therefore, the website plays a vital role in a day to day life of human beings, concerning the information, knowledge, data, and other things. While web hosting also matters a […]

Social Media Video Ads –  Why social media video ads are important for our business?

Social Media Video Ads – Why social media video ads are important for our business?

As the name implies that social media marketing is a digital marketing tool and it contains different audio-visual images, to present it on social platforms. The reason behind performing social media advertising is to attract more audiences and traffic. It is a kind of video that is specially designed to get promoted and anyone can […]

What is Cache Memory and Why it’s Important

What is Cache Memory and Why it’s Important

As every human being has a brain that acts as a memory, the same is with Cache memory. It is a memory used in a computer called CPU memory. The CPU is also called the brain of the computer. The computer is divided into two components- software component and hardware component. The software cannot be […]

Distinction Between IMAP and POP3

Distinction Between IMAP and POP3

POP3 and IMAP are the two protocols or a kind of Technology that provides you to download messages from the mail server to your old desktop and laptop and it sanctions access to any mail regarding the clients. There is a software called Microsoft Perspective, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. POP3 and IMAP are a kind of […]

Why should we choose SSD over HDD

Why should we choose SSD over HDD

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) A hard disk drive is a kind of data storage contrivance utilized in a computer and laptop to store all your data inside it. This drive utilizes magnetic storage to store and retrieve the digital data utilized by the computer. A person sitting with a computer system can access any desultory […]