How to Speed Up Your Website

How to speed up your website

As websites matter for every business similarly, website speed also matters for the existence and better result. The entire world can access internet connectivity so is the website. When the website gets launched on the site server then the status changes from private to public and anyone can access the website. There are some reasons why website loading takes too much time and how to speed up.

So to explain this reason here comes MainVPS which is widely known for selling out the best domain and server of the site. Though domain and hosting are essential speed also matters a lot.

1. Do a test of the plugin

There are several plugins available used in a website, those plugins are the paid version and unpaid version. Always keep in mind that if you are using a fewer number of plugins then it might be a possibility to speed up a website but if you are using a maximum number of plugins then there can be a loss of speed.

It is preferred to use a minimum amount of plugins that are needed on your website.

2. Image optimization

If we take an example of an eCommerce website that contains too many images, then the browser has to load each web page and the images that will take a lump sum amount of time, and hence it will decrease the curiosity of a visitor. One of the best and easiest ways to get your pages loading faster is to optimize your images and photographs uploaded on site.

Before launching a website, you should resize all the images before getting uploaded. Compress it and resize all the images in one common size.

3. Use of Browser Caching

This is a part of the visitor’s perspective. If a visitor goes to your website and has stored the required webpage copies then after some days if he again wants to visit then he can take help from browser caching as this has helped us to store the required web page which we can access within a second. The time is taken to reload a website is less as compared to the time of a new website.

4. Storing CSS files above then Javascript

Always make a practice to keep CSS files at the topmost place and Javascript files at the bottom. This will tend to increase a site page more properly. This is because Javascript requires time to get loaded because it requires code execution before loading.

5. Integrating the files

Always make a practice to reduce the file size of different elements by optimizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can also remove unwanted codes. Combine the Javascript and CSS files so as to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

6. Upgrade the website hosting

Never make such a decision to buy hosting at very low rates as this can create a false trust in front of customers. If you are specifically looking for visitors and traffic then you should update your hosting. 50% part of getting slow speed is because of the hosting speed.


There are many reasons for the slow speed of the website. Among them, we have enlisted the important points and reason which is common for all types of websites. If you are facing any problems related to hosting, domain, and speed, please let us know. We are open to taking up your queries.