Spam is a malicious activity that can produce harm to your system and its environment. When technology increases to its peak other barriers will reach another extent. There are various spams among which comments spam is one of the Top spam traits which slow down the entire website developed on the WordPress. Today, mainvps will talk about comments spam and how to stop it. To remove such spam from your WordPress website we should use various filter methods to avoid these activities.
When the comments section is filled with spam messages, it becomes difficult to trace it. The website look has been affected due to spam comments. Comments which include malicious links are developed to track visitor’s personal information. It is very crucial to stop comments spam from appearing on the website developed in word press.
How it affects your website:
1. Ranking is affected due to lots of spam in the website comments section.
2. Loading time and productivity is decreased.
3. Traffic is reduced as compared to previous months.
4. Visitors’ safety is harmed.

What are the solutions to stop Spam on your WordPress.

1. Minimize the number of links

There should be a fixed number of comments link to be posted in a day. This can be managed by session and can be traced by session-id. Several algorithms and plug-in should be activated to remove links and comments more than 2 or 3. Here you can decide how many links should be allotted in comments for getting flagged messages. Non-understandable sentences should be removed automatically and redundant words should be removed by the various plug-in.

2. Develop an array of Blacklisted worlds

There are a lot of spam comments that contain repeated keywords. You can make an Array of those repeated words. When these words reappear again, the machine recognizes it and automatically removes it by the system. This makes it easier to mark them and to stop them from appearing on your website. You can minimally create a blacklist of words and your site will flag any comments containing one of them which preserve form spam.

3. Apply restriction to users

Restriction is in the terms of valid users. Only those who are having login id and password concerning their account only have the right to post comments but it is not open to all. In this way, we can easily identify the person more effectively. This will make it more challenging for the spammer to add content to your site, this will make a bigger barrier to them to post. This will give the right to those people who have registered on your sites.

4. User anti-spam plugin tool

Various tools are available online in the WordPress panel where we can use an anti-spam plugin to stop all the malicious activities to the website. These plugins are made of various high-quality algorithms and data structures which evaluate your website. It removes malicious code from the websites. You can easily find the anti-spam plugin online which will help to reduce the spamming on your website. This will help you to remove top comments spam and filter out good comments accordingly.
Anti Spam plugins are important for a website made in WordPress. Various plugins are easily available over there in which security parameters are being handled automatically. There are various websites built traditionally but we will be stuck at some point but on the other hand, if we develop a website with the approach of WordPress it will be very comfortable to handle and maintain. It does not need to be strong in technical background and risk can be handled easily.

5. Upgrade the security system of your website

Security is one of the most important factors which we should keep in mind while developing any website. Various tools are provided by a server to solve any security query. But we should be very conscious while using those tools and other parameters. Every year the up-gradation of those tools is happening so we should install and update plugins or tools to make a website free from threats. On one hand, various viruses, spam contents, spyware are increasing day by day to stop these viruses software and tools are updated regularly. So we should install any tool in its updated version.


With the increase in technology, various threats are also increasing day by day. Such spamming is a very common issue where a lot of people are facing day by day. But to fight those spam activities various strategies and techniques should be followed to move away from those problems. We should choose the best hosting provider so that this kind of issue should be automatically resolved. MainVPS is known as the best hosting provider that will protect your website. Various sorts of tools online will resolve all these kinds of stuff and solve all the problems.