Every person who has their own website for business purpose must be hearing the word like SSL certificate but most of them do not know what it is about. It will help to all those businessmen and website owners regarding SSL certification with complete details and requirements and how MainVPS will help them by offering the certificate and complete implementation procedure. The blog will also suggest what is right to do and what is not. So be ready to understand these words very carefully.

What is meant by SSL and how it is related to the website?

SSL is the abbreviation of the Secure Sockets Layer it is also called TLS (Transport layer security). It is a protocol of encrypting internet traffic and verifying the server identity. SSL certificates enable each of the websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS that makes it more secure. It is a data file that is hosted on a website’s origin server. There are two keys-

1. Public Keys

2. Private Keys

The public keys and private keys are used for SSL and it has a long character that is used for encrypting and decrypting data and information.

The private keys are kept secret and secure. If you can observe any website with HTTPS address then that website has SSL/TLS. Let’s discuss more about SSL certificate. The certificate includes the domain name that the certificate was issued. The domain is issued by which person, which organization, or which device. It had a digital signature on it. The certificate also has the date of issue and date of expiry.

Why SSL certificate is essential for a website

Every website has its SSL certificate so to keep the data secure and safe from the attackers. As there are many types of websites like ecommerce websites, education websites, and industrial websites. The website will become more authentic and will regain the targeted audience. The website with HTTPS makes it more trustworthy from a user perspective. It is very much important for new website owners that they should understand the basic difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

There is no such hard and fast process to obtain an SSL Certificate. You can receive a SSL certificate from a certificate authority. It is just an outside organization trusted party that digitally signs the certificate using their private key. Certificate Authority will change an amount for issuing an SSL certificate. MainVPS which is popularly known to provide best of services of SSL certificate, will help users of how to purchase the certificate.

When the certificate is issued then all it needs to install and activate on the website server. After activation, the website will get loaded from HTTP to HTTPS and your traffic will get more secured.

What is a Free SSL certificate?

Free SSL Certificates are issued by non-profit authorities. A non- profit CA provides SSL/TLS certificates for free. The life span of Free SSL is 90 days. You have to renew your free SSL certificate every 90 days. Free SSL certification comes with domain validation only. If you are looking to display your organization name in the certificate, then you must go for 1 more certificate. Likewise, a free SSL certificate won’t work. If you are going for a free SSL certificate, then there will be no such technical support available for help even if you require the right person for installation free SSL certification.

The life span of a Paid SSL Certificate is two years. You have to renew your certificate every two years. There are different sizes and shapes of paid SSL certificates as they have a unique purpose and different validation levels. Going for a paid SSL certificate requires good technical support. A Right person is always recommended for installing paid SSL certification.


At the end of this blog, you would have understood better the difference between Free SSL certificate and Paid SSL certificate. Now at this time if you are good at the pitfalls of free SSL certificate then it is good to go with a free SSL certificate and if you are not then it is better to go for a Paid SSL certificate.

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