As we talk about servers like virtual and physical servers, it has its pros and cons. When we start a new business, you should make sure that your organization’s infrastructure can carry the workload, perform business operations, and other technology stuff without lags and interruptions. Servers play a vital role in our technical prosperity life. There is a lot of important difference between virtual servers and physical server.

The online presence of your organization can be developed on either a physical server, a virtual server, or a mixture of both (a hybrid server). While making a website or web application server plays a vital role in hosting websites. It is used to deploy an application to the server.

Therefore, it is very essential to consider several factors when choosing between the available options of the servers, both physical as well as virtual servers have their advantages. MainVPS is there to distinguish between a physical server and a virtual server.

Comparing Physical Servers and Virtual Servers

1. Performance

This is an important factor we should be considered if our organization deals with a large amount of data that needs to be constantly processed based on servers. Physical servers are far more demanded and efficient than virtual machines, due to the interesting fact that virtual machines are best for performance issues because of an overflow of virtual servers in a physical machine.

Thus, a physical machine and a virtual machine, both are having the same hardware and software resources capabilities and advantages as we compare to each aspect, cannot perform on the same level.

2. Portability

One of the major differences between physical server vs virtual servers is the portability. We can easily move virtual servers across the environment and even physical servers to another platform. Thus, we can say that both are platform independent.

This has only happened since Virtual Machines are covered from one another and have their virtual hardware and other advantages, which makes a virtual server hardware independent.

3. Risk Management

The physical server is kept on a specified location in a specific environment

Where many supercomputers are placed in the physical location. Whereas Virtual Servers are not kept on touchable environment i.e. we cannot touch it with hands and see it, it is controlled and modified through the internet. Lots of venders are there which provide virtual servers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and other companies.

If due to natural disaster or some stuff happened, physical servers will get damaged but on the other hand, virtual servers are relocated on more than one place so if they are damaged on one location, it can be redeveloped again.

4. Budget

The primary advantage of virtual servers is that it saves costs and human efforts. Industries can save dollars of money with virtual servers. Mainly costs are saved based on – Hardware, deployment, Utilities, Facilities, and other basic resources. Previously where Virtual server’s idea was not their people use physical servers for storing many data and metadata.

5. Maintenance and staff

High infrastructure and a huge space are needed for physical servers. A permanent person is needed to do tracking on servers in physical locations, which requires large money investment on it.

Whereas in virtual servers on huge peoples are not important factors i.e. are fully relaxed on all the facilities provided by server’s vendors. Majorly one of the important factors provided by virtual servers is that it is having facilities of autoscaling i.e. web can shrink and grow according to the traffic counted on the website.

6. Transportation facility

Let’s take the example if MainVPS, it provides all services related to transportation virtually. Lots of regions and data centers are allocated virtually in a cloud and managed easily. On the other hand, physical servers are very hectic and it required lots of human need facilities to transport physical servers to one place to another.

7. Customer services

Facilities provided by both physical as well as virtual servers are best in case of customer services. Lots of people are hiring based on air communication in which people’s queries are resolved. Various cloud providers are having terrific services for customer care. We can be so sure that most of the cloud providers are having their best customer resolving issues department.

8. Business point of view

As we talk about the last 20 years of IT industries are fully dependent on physical servers, which requires 24*7 Internet connectivity and it was fasters as compare to virtual servers. But now virtual servers are very famous due to the best in infrastructure and services.


Both have their specific need and importance depending upon their requirement and necessity. Now, some industry prefers physical servers because it provides high speed and accurate data fetching. Lots of servers provider are there in the market that is Main VPS, it is one of the most server providers which provide Virtual server and spaces for hosting and deployment of data and metadata.