How to Speed Up Your Website

As websites matter for every business similarly, website speed also matters for the existence and better result. The entire world can access internet connectivity so is the website. When the website gets launched on the site server then the status changes from private to public and anyone can access the website. There are some reasons […]

Why does the location of your web hosting server matter?

There is a lot of competition in today’s world of technology, people have their website and they are running a lot of businesses on Google. Therefore, the website plays a vital role in a day to day life of human beings, concerning the information, knowledge, data, and other things. While web hosting also matters a […]

What is Cache Memory and Why it’s Important

As every human being has a brain that acts as a memory, the same is with Cache memory. It is a memory used in a computer called CPU memory. The CPU is also called the brain of the computer. The computer is divided into two components- software component and hardware component. The software cannot be […]

Distinction Between IMAP and POP3

POP3 and IMAP are the two protocols or a kind of Technology that provides you to download messages from the mail server to your old desktop and laptop and it sanctions access to any mail regarding the clients. There is a software called Microsoft Perspective, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. POP3 and IMAP are a kind of […]

Why should we choose SSD over HDD

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) A hard disk drive is a kind of data storage contrivance utilized in a computer and laptop to store all your data inside it. This drive utilizes magnetic storage to store and retrieve the digital data utilized by the computer. A person sitting with a computer system can access any desultory […]

Difference between Physical Server and Virtual Server

As we talk about servers like virtual and physical servers, it has its pros and cons. When we start a new business, you should make sure that your organization’s infrastructure can carry the workload, perform business operations, and other technology stuff without lags and interruptions. Servers play a vital role in our technical prosperity life. […]

What are Cloud Computing and its advantages and disadvantages?

In this era, Cloud Computing is the most authoritatively mandating, upcoming, and trending technology. Every technology has its history i.e., before the last 50 years people are storing data on floppy disk and punch cards. After 10 years they were commenced storing data in CDs, DVDs that occupy a lot of physical storage. Likely the […]

Mobile-friendly website- importance and benefits in 2020

The utilization of mobile has expedited as compared to computers, tablets, and laptops. As it has been a component of the family member and became a customary utilization in everyday life. When we verbalize about accessing the website which everyone is utilizing it on their cell phones rather than utilizing it on a computer. The […]