The necessity of Domain and Hosting for the website – Top VPS Hosting USA

When a website gets developed there is two most important process without which a website cannot live alive. The most important terms are Domain and Hosting. So, this blog will help you get to know the basic definition and difference between both, functionality of these two terms, why is it important for a website? What […]

Difference between Physical Server and Virtual Server

As we talk about servers like virtual and physical servers, it has its pros and cons. When we start a new business, you should make sure that your organization’s infrastructure can carry the workload, perform business operations, and other technology stuff without lags and interruptions. Servers play a vital role in our technical prosperity life. […]

Data Protection: Why Encryption is Crucial?

What Is Data Encryption? Data Encryption is utilized as a security provider to your database stored in a cloud. This ascertains that unauthorized users cannot access the data from your site. There are many kinds of mechanisms applied behind encryption. When we verbalize about Facebook as it has millions of users accessing their account and […]

5 Interesting Facts about Web Hosting

Everyone wants to go for the web for their own business and organization. If we verbalize regarding this, it is found in different shapes, sizes, and offers sundry types of plans. But have you ever mentally conceived of some fascinating facts about web hosting? So MainVPS has come up with this blog that will discuss […]

What are Cloud Computing and its advantages and disadvantages?

In this era, Cloud Computing is the most authoritatively mandating, upcoming, and trending technology. Every technology has its history i.e., before the last 50 years people are storing data on floppy disk and punch cards. After 10 years they were commenced storing data in CDs, DVDs that occupy a lot of physical storage. Likely the […]

What are the Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is one of the most simple and popular ways to engender a website or a blog. WordPress software is reliable and simple to utilize. You can easily modify and no high charges are utilizing the software. You can easily manage the consequential aspect like the block content. WordPress can be utilized by a non-technical […]

Mobile-friendly website- importance and benefits in 2020

The utilization of mobile has expedited as compared to computers, tablets, and laptops. As it has been a component of the family member and became a customary utilization in everyday life. When we verbalize about accessing the website which everyone is utilizing it on their cell phones rather than utilizing it on a computer. The […]

Best Web Hosting Companies for your WordPress blog

Are you looking out to commence a blog with the avail of WordPress? Then I cerebrate, you are going in the right direction. All you have to do is to install a WordPress to commence inditing and uploading blogs. Uploading a blog on a website platform is the best felicitous way. WordPress is one of […]


Everything you need to know about Free SSL and Paid SSL

Every person who has their own website for business purpose must be hearing the word like SSL certificate but most of them do not know what it is about. It will help to all those businessmen and website owners regarding SSL certification with complete details and requirements and how MainVPS will help them by offering […]

What To Probe For In a Web Hostings Accommodation?

 When people are used to launching a website, several decisions are taken regarding your brand, your domain, hosting, and the layout. All need a better plan and discuss it with our management as everyone kens that getting an incipient website for a business is not as simple as possible. Some paramount themes and culls have […]