5 Reasons You Might Think of Investing in Dedicated Hosting

Hosting plays a vital role when we launch our website to the server. We must think twice while choosing any hosting plan. It can be for any website owner who wants to host their website on the server. There can be several reasons behind the hosting provider concerning performance and security. If you will run your server it is known as dedicated hosting. In dedicating hosting your space and content are completely encapsulated.

Choosing dedicated hosting may be very expensive rather than shared or virtual private hosting. If you own your private business very effectively then you should choose dedicated server hosting. MainVPS is known to be the best hosting provider in India.

Here we will discuss the points thought by the owner of the website at the time of purchase.

Pricing completely depends on the type of hosting that you choose. Dedicated hosting is more similar as compared to the VPS plan. The hosting provider will take care of all kinds of stuff related to the server and provide you with various levels of support like software update, configuration, tools, security, etc.

Below are some points that you should keep in mind while purchasing dedicated hosting. Let’s discuss one by one:

 1.  Price

For purchasing anything, prices are very much important and we should be kept in mind while buying or selling them. You can come across various dedicated servers that are cheap in terms of cost but these servers are not supportive as per the requirement. It is a waste if you are looking for such providers.

They will easily offer to purchase at an affordable price. It is highly recommended to think twice and thrice before making a decision. To expand it more, dedicated server hosting is always expensive concerning their services. A dedicated server provides various features like security, reliability, availability, confidentiality, and resource as per your business requirement. All the above services provided by hosting providers will support your business to grow, run, and generate revenue.

 2.  Security

There are two types of hosting- shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting can be a secure platform. This kind of hosting is provided for more than one website and it is hosted into the same physical server that can be easily identified by hackers.

Shared hosting is not beneficial for the organization that is running its business at a very high platform. In dedicated hosting, our data is secured with more advancement and a tight security system. While purchasing a dedicated server, it always gives a value-added feature that will increase the security and performance of your website on the Google search engine.

 3.  Accuracy

A dedicated server can be very useful to improve the page speed up and time offered for a website. There are many features provided by dedicated hosting providers and other accuracy parameters. It helps to rank a website and can easily be found in the search results.

You can still optimize your site using Image Compression, lazy loading, browsing caching, deferred JavaScript, and other practices. If you genuinely go ahead with all the guidelines, steps and it will help us to increase the speed and other facilities.

 4.  Environment Configuration

Other than security purposes, dedicated hosting provides various features concerning an environment and server configuration. The server location is what you are looking for, which is physically located near your primary audience. This is very beneficial concerning the loading time of the user. This will increase the speed and accuracy.

In major quantity, LINUX operating system is provided by different hosting providers but there is also an option of a window operating system that can also be used instead of a Unix operating system. To get a more user-friendly environment concerning operating systems you can get a window sync configuration to buy a dedicated hosting provider.

 5.  Supportive Team

If you select the best hosting provider for your website then it additional you will be getting a very good support team that can help you anytime and is always available for 24 hrs* 7. The team understands the problems faced by the owner and helps you in a very short time.


If you are looking to protect your website from attackers and malicious users, then MainVPS is one of the best hosting providers that fulfill all your requisites. You can get the server according to your need and budget. For any more details, you can talk to us anytime